Post and Email

Sharon Rondeau at the Post and Email makes a claim that I have been plagiarizing her work. While I am unable to see her full report, I can report that I have, in several of my postings referred to her and her site, the Post and Email to provide for commentary on fragments of her postings. Since Sharon has moved to a subscription only web site, recent references were necessarily limited to her summaries. Although various other sites do appear to have copied her articles wholesale, my postings focused on small fragments on which I provided commentary.

Regardless, if Sharon feels insists that I have been plagiarizing her work, then I will remove such references regardless of whether or not I agree with her interpretation. I believe that if people complain about my postings, they should be treated with respect. Claims of copyright or plagiarism will similarly be treated by giving the one complaining the benefit of the doubt.

Sharon has done a formidable job in exploring what she believes to be corruption in Tennessee and Walt has found a strong spokesperson and defender in her. While I often strongly disagree with her position on these matters, and on matters of eligibility, I do understand her strong feelings on these issues.

Let me respond by pointing out

1. When she, much earlier, contacted me with specific information in which I had not added a url to my posting, I complied. I am generally speaking quite diligent in providing such links and reference. While her postings are copyrighted, I believe that there is a fair use provision under which I have quoted fragments of her work and provided commentary. She insisted however that I added the URL’s to her actual postings (even though most of them were no longer accessible to me as she had turned her site into a subscription only site).

2. When she complained to WordPress under DMCA, I removed all the offending postings cited even though I disagreed with their decision and cleaned up my site further to abide by the intent and wishes of Sharon.

3. That I do not have access to her site  (anymore) and can only view her summaries

4. That I have once again performed a search on terms such as Rondeau,  P&E and Sharon (sorry Chalice) and believe that I now have removed all remaining material that mentioned Sharon or the P&E, regardless of attribution or fair use. I may have deleted unrelated materials (sorry Sharon Ann, Sharon Ingle etc)

As she indicates that she believes that I engaged in plagiarism, I apologize for having given her that impression. While I disagree with her interpretation, I do appreciate her feelings and to avoid further confusion, I have chosen to remove any and all relevant material still remaining. So again, I do sincerely apologize for the unintended consequences of me commenting on your statements and, according to you, not providing sufficient references.

If she believes that there remain other postings in which I fail to give proper attribution, then please let her do so and I will be more than happy to provide for the relevant links or to avoid any further controversy remove said postings.

NBC: Added “Post and Email” as a search string and updated the story.