AK – Epperly – Letter to Biden and Electoral College

Epperly, is back. Not a court complaint but a letter to Joe Biden and the electoral college. Full of the usual tripe. How many times have the courts rejected his foolish claims? Why does he expect a different outcome this time?

Objection and Complaint

“There has never been any ruling on the Administrative Complaint as Director Gail Fentuniai of the Alaska Division of Elections received “Secret Orders” from an unknown source for her to “Ignore” the Complaint and placed the name of “Barack Obama” on the Election Ballots of the State. The Administrative Complaint of Gordon Warren Epperly is an outstanding Controversy that has never been resolved by the Alaska Division of Elections as reqnired by Federal Law”

Oh and the Negro

“If a Negro or Mulatto’s citizenship is dependant upon an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. then no Negro or Mulatto can ever have the standing of being a “natural born” Citizen of the United States. Unlike the white male Citizens who have the “Birthright” under the Preamble to the United States Constitution to be Citizens of the United States, the Negro I Mulatto citizenship is a “privilege” that is granted to them by U.S. Constitutional Amendments. In other words, the Negro I Mulatto citizenship is dependant upon the statutory authority of the U.S. Congress to make Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. If the U.S. Congress has the authority to grant Negroes I Mulattoes the status of United States citizenship by Constitutional Amendments, then the U.S. Congress has also the authority to rescind U.S. citizenship from Negroes I Mulattoes by repealing the Fourteenth Amendment just as it was done when the U.S. Congress repealed the Eighteenth Amendment with the Twenty-First Amendment. If citizenship is a privilege that may be granted and taken away by the U.S. Congress, then the citizenship status of the Negro I Mulatto is not a citizen that is ” natural bom.”
Fail!!! Silly Epperly