CA – Taitz v Occidental College – Appeal Sanctions

Orly has filed an appeal of the sanctions she received for her poorly executed subpoena of President Obama’s records lodged with Occidental College. I guess she believes that $4,000 is not enough? Given that her failures to follow the rule were well documented, I doubt that the Appeal’s Court will look favorably towards Orly wasting more judicial resources.
Remember her failings in the Superior Court? Realist explains

Those just crack me up. She failed to properly serve three different people in 3 totally different ways, and had 3 uncorrectable, fatal errors to her petition, resulting in a dismissal with prejudice. HOW can you fuck up that many ways in ONE try?

Case Summary
Trial Court Case: 30-2012-00582135

Court of Appeal Case: G047746


Case Caption: Taitz v. Occidental College

Filing Date: 12/03/2012

Oral Argument Date/Time:

Cross Referenced Cases: G045351 Taitz v. Dunn


Date Description Notes
12/10/2012 Notice of appeal lodged/received. by aplt Orly Taitz – also appealing date 11/7/12

12/10/2012 Default notice sent-appellant notified per rule 8.100(c).