DC – Sibley v Alexander – Subpoena or not?

Obama Release Your Records ‘reports’

As reported here Orly Taitz posted at her blog a subpoena seeking to compel Occidental College to release all records related to Barack Hussein Obama and Barry Soetoro. The subpoena is purportedly from Montgomery Sibley’s electoral college challenge.

We reached out to Mr. Sibley for comment on the validity of the subpoena and his response is as follows:

“No it is not valid. Orly has run off prematurely. I did consult her about domesticating my DC Subpoena in California, but she only received a draft subpoena, not the one I have issued. So please disregard her posting.

In truth, I have issued subpoenas to Columbia, Occidental, Harvard Law, Social Security Administration, Selective Service Administration and the National Archives. Orly has nothing to do with those subpoenas. Service is pending and I will update everyone once I know whether service was successful.” – Montgomery Sibley

So, Orly ‘jumped the gun’ but Sibley has extended his subpoenas to other irrelevant entities. Expect the usual dismissal but not until February 2013…