CA – Orly v Obama – Order for sanctions

Orly ‘argues

There were multiple misrepresentations of the issues. Apparently attorneys for Occidental did not read the final order signed by Judge Marginis. At the end of the November 1st hearing the court took the matters under advisement. On November 7th, one day after the election, the court issued a written order, which does not include any attorneys fees for the Occidental college for the fact that they had to appear at the Motion to Compel Obama’s records hearing.

The minute order shows the following:

DATE: 11/01/2012

Third-Party Respondent, Occidental College request for santions granted. Court orders sanctions against Plaintiff, Dr. Orly Taitz in the sum of $4,000 payable to Ritt, Tai, Thvedt & Hodges Attorney Trust Account. Payment of sanctions to be paid within 30 days.

Clueless I tell you…