MS – Orly v Democrat Party – Leah Lax motion and motion for sanctions

The case is getting more interesting. One of Orly’s ‘clients’, Leah Lax is now claiming that Orly added her signature to  RICO document without her approval. Can’t wait to hear what Orly has to say about this… Another black Friday…

PS: Leah also includes an email to Orly in which she discloses that she has been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We wish her well in her recovery. As I understand the outlook is quite good for this kind of cancer.

Document Number: 76

Docket Text: MOTION to Remove Leah Lax from the Entire Lawsuit and MOTION to Sanction Orly Taitz, filed by Leah Lax. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibit A – Email on 7/3/12, # (2) Exhibit B – Letter from Alan Miller, # (3) Exhibit C – Email on 11/8/12, # (4) Exhibit D – Emails on 11/9/12, # (5) Envelope)(ND)