CA – Judd v Obama Act 2 – Dismissed and Appealed

Again: failure to follow the rules of the court… And Orly racks up another loss to an ’empty chair’

2012-11-07 5 0 MINUTES (IN CHAMBERS) by Judge David O. Carter Re: Order Striking complaint 1 . The Court hereby STRIKES Plaintiffs’ Complaint for failure to comply with Local Rule 3-2. That rule states: “All Claim-Initiating Documents and simultaneously filed emergency-relief documents shall also be submitted in electronic form (PDF format only) by close of business the following business day [after filing in paper format]….Attorneys who fail to timely e-mail PDF copies of these documents shall be subject to such sanctions as may be imposed by the Court.”The Court notes that Plaintiffs similarly failed to comply with this Rule the last time they brought this lawsuit, and never filed a copy of their claim-initiating document. See Keith Judd et al. v. Barack Obama et al., 8:12-cv-1507-DOC-AN (filed September 10, 2012) (Dkts. 1 & 6). The Clerk shall serve a copy of this minute order on counsel for all parties in this action. (Made JS-6. Case Terminated.) (dro) (Entered: 11/08/2012) 2012-11-08 00:00:00 0f9785de541545c90ee09a7075a6ef075ffe738c

Now appealed to the 9th Circuit… 

Docket Text: NOTICE OF APPEAL to the 9th CCA filed by plaintiffs David Farrar, Thomas G MacLeran, Larry Rappaport, Orly Taitz, Carol Vita, Lucien Vita. Appeal of Minutes of In Chambers Order/Directive – no proceeding held, Terminated Case,,,,,, [5] (Appeal fee FEE NOT PAID.) (Taitz, Orly)