CA – Orly v Obama – SCOCA – Petition for Stay

Orly reports on yet another desperate act, this one involving the filing of an emergency petition for stay of the election result. She lacks any foundation as to why the SCOCA would even have  to grant such a request and the SCOTUS is not going to intervene. This is another non-issue.

Emergency petition for STAY of certification of election results filed with the Supreme Court of CA. I don’t believe they will do a thing, but from here it goes to Anthony Kennedy at SCOTUS. He is rather mad at what is going on in the last 4 years, particularly Obamacare, he might grant a stay, we’ll know soon enough. I need people to look through their statutes and seek emergency stay provisions in their Supreme Courts. We need to send similar Applications for stay up to Alito, Thomas and Scalia

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