VT – Paige v Obama – Eternal Hope…

Paige has left a comment at the Burlington Press


Judge Bent has provided the Plaintiff with the ideal pathway to an immediate ruling not only on the reversal of the Motion to Dismiss, but as to the underlying issues as well.

[NBC: Unlikely as the foundation for the ruling on lack of standing is well explained and the Supreme Court is not going to find any fault here. But even if they do, the excellent foundation dismissing the meritless claim about what makes a natural born citizen would easily be accepted by the Supreme Court.]

By stating that he does not believe that he has the right to rule on the issue at hand -regardless of the Plaintiff’s standing, he relinquishes his authority, transferring the question to the Supreme Court, presumably a three Justice panel.

[NBC: Huh? If the Court lacks the right to rule, then at best the Supreme Court can review and send back. But the ruling does not really make this determination.]

This panel can hear and decide the merits before the critical December 7th meeting of the Vermont Electors at the State House.

[NBC: And Christmas could come early 😉 ]

Thanks to Judge Bent for providing an avenue to a decision on the merits that Attorney General Sorrell and his young assistant, Mr. Daloz worked actively to postpone and delay! Plaintiff will file his appeal with the Supreme Court next Tuesday requesting an expedited hearing before a three Justice Panel. Please take the time to read Judge Bent’s Decision which can be downloaded at the link provided by the Free Press. H. Brooke Paige, Plaintiff, pro se.

[NBC: Good luck Brooke… But you may be getting your hopes up for nothing… And thanks for providing another ruling in which the Court rejects the foolish arguments about Native Born Citizen requiring two citizen parents.]