Educating the Confused – Election Fraud? – FL – St Lucie recount misses deadline

In other news, the unoffcial recount apparently shows Murphy gaining votes, but the retabulation failed to meet the deadline and the original retabulation results will be the ones submitted. The West camp is not conceding yet as they hope to claim some ’emergency’ to continue to recount. But given the fact that no good foundation exists and the fact that Murphy gained votes in the recount, will make this an uphill battle.

Election officials missed a deadline Sunday to report results of a two-day recount in GOP Rep. Allen West’s race to remain in Congress, apparently sealing unofficial results giving the win to Democrat Patrick Murphy.

St. Lucie County did not meet a noon cutoff to finish processing 37,379 ballots cast early in the District 18 congressional election. Under Florida law, previously submitted results favoring Murphy will be certified unless an emergency exemption is granted by the state.

Source: Faux News

Allen West knows not when to call it quits

West’s camp, however, said it has no intention of conceding and that Gov. Rick Scott and Secretary of State Ken Detzner “will have to take a look at these recounts,” West campaign manager Tim Edson said.

Yes, please have the SOS of Florida decide the race…

Preliminary numbers released around 2 p.m. by the canvassing board show West, R-Palm Beach Gardens, with 52,704 votes in St. Lucie County and Murphy with 65,841. The state Division of Elections website this afternoon lists Murphy the winner with 50.28 to West’s 49.7 — a spread of 0.58 percent — when the St. Lucie totals are added to those of Martin County and the parts of Palm Beach County that are within District 18.

Source: Palm Beach Post

Previous count in St Lucie showed:

Allen B. West  52672 44.39%

Patrick Murphy 65567 55.26%

Looks like it is all over…

On the Free Republic a commenter ironically asks “How come that the rats always gain votes in a recount?”, obviously forgetting that in the previous recount Allen West gained votes.

What a short memory people have…