MS – Orly v Democrat Party – Hearing 3

Court is adjourned. BOTG headed for the studio to type up VOLUMINOUS notes and get ready for RC’s show. Mr. Tepper winging his way home, stops in DFW so may be able to call in. Maybe not.

Some brief, non-chronological notes from W4:

Orly brought up the Fogbow and OFA as RICO organizations, she mentioned a certain rooster by name, as well as Scott, as members. And that Patrick guy with the Facebook page.

There were lots of objections at the beginning of the hearing and then they all decided to sit back and let her talk dig a bigger hole hang herself. Her favorite excuse all day long was that she didn’t know what was in her briefs because she (say it with me) Lost Her Luggage.

The MDP had a presence at the hearing with 5+ attendees. Everyone was well behaved. Well, sort of. Apparently, the Fogbow contingent just cannot shut up, even with a certain 4 shushing them. :mrgreen:

Mr. Tepper was admonished by the judge for saying “so-called experts”. I know, WTF? Clarification:he called them “buffoons”

Multiple motions were ordered for next week. It’s not quite over.

All will be revealed tonight. Tune in to REALITY CHECK RADIO at 9EST/8CST/6PST. (Corrected from upside down land)