MS – Orly v Democrat Party – Hearing Notes 3:20PM

Uh oh, several plaintiffs failed to show up… And now they need to provide medical proof. Next-step could be sanctions/contempt order for ignoring the Court’s order.

by Butterfly Bilderberg » Fri Nov 16, 2012 3:20 pm

Fifteen minute recess.

First order of business was requests by some plaintiffs to withdraw. All defendants objected. Court wants Lax and Macleran to provide medical proof why they failed to attend when court ordered all parties to be present today. Taken under advisement.

Hawaii defendants’ motion to dismiss was argued as well as SOS’s MJOP. After the break, plaintiffs to respond to the two motions. Orly asked, “Which two motions?” BB shall be embarassed for her.

ROTFL, that’s so Orly-esque