MS – Orly v Democrat Party – Response in opposition to …

Best described by Mike Dunford

First of all, it is a 34-page response to a one-paragraph joinder. Not content to merely stop at about the page limit, Orly “includes by reference” everything in three other lengthy pleadings, which would technically put the page count on the high side of 100. For a response to a one-paragraph joinder.

Perhaps Orly should focus her efforts more economically? These sound almost like a cry for help… Does she see herself really as a whistleblower… Fascinating. Tomorrow we may know the Court’s response. I predict an upset…

Document Number: 69

Docket Text: Response in Opposition to [59] Joint ANSWER to Complaint and [60] RESPONSE in Support re [15] MOTION for Judgment on the Pleadings Joinder, filed by Brian Fedorka and Orly Taitz. (Attachments: # (1) Exhibits 1 – 13)(ND)

PS: Why is Orly referring to the proceedings in Georgia? Did she and her fellow plaintiffs not end up losing in Georgia? Weird… As far as I can tell, the Georgia case fully undermines her position.