IN – Taitz v Election Commission – Was audio of the hearing ‘leaked’

Praise Indy reports that

In late September, Marion Superior Court Judge S.K. Reid ordered that a hearing be held to determine if Taitz and the other plaintiffs had any case to be adjudicated.  That led to the hearing October 22nd.

Audio of that hearing was uploaded to You Tube on November 1st by someone identifying themselves as “jdirt100”. No other information about that individual is contained on You Tube. Indiana media are forbidden under Indiana law to air audio (or video) of an Indiana court proceeding that wasn’t authorized by that court.  Further we aren’t allowed to post the link to that audio.

Superior Court officials and the Indiana Judicial Qualifications Commission are investigating who might have made the audio recording and uploaded it to You Tube.  Chances that it was personnel in Judge Reid’s court or members of the defense are very slim as that would be strict violation of Indiana court rules and would result in individuals being fired and possibly losing their licenses to practice law.

Orly insists that

Somebody, a third party,  uploaded on you tube an audio tape, which was legally recorded by the court itself and was legally sold by the court itself, by the court reporter Julie, to a number of people.

The article states

” Audio recordings of Indiana Supreme, Appellate and Tax Court hearings and trials can be made public, but only with the express approval of those courts. Local court proceedings are not to be made broadcast or posted on line.”

There is a pilot project going on in Indiana

“This is a deliberate and wise examination,” of how such a system would work, said Court of Appeals Judge Cale Bradford, who is among those overseeing a pilot project at the direction of the Indiana Supreme Court. The project will install automated video systems in the courtrooms of Allen Superior Judge Nancy Boyer, Marion Superior Judge Mark Stoner and Tippecanoe Superior Judge Loretta Rush.