Educating the Confused – Voter Fraud? – FL – St Lucie

The myth of 141% turnout in St. Lucie County, Florida

Voter turnout in St. Lucie County, Fla., was not 141 percent. The confusion arose because uninformed people mistakenly conflated the number of “cards cast” (the number of ballot pages submitted by voters) with the number of voters. Since most voters submitted two ballot pages, voter turnout in in St. Lucie County was roughly half the number of cards cast. Thus, turnout was roughly 70-71 percent, not 141 percent.

Source: Hotair

Allen West is still refusing to concede the loss and is fueling the fire with claims of Democratic shenanigans. Hilarious… One would expect a former military person to be more graceful in defeat.

In other news

Murphy (West lost to Murphy) arrived in the Capitol on Monday to attend orientation events with his fellow incoming lawmakers, even as the result of his race awaits final certification.


The race in Florida’s 18th District was one of the nastiest and most closely contested campaigns this year, with West and Murphy spending a combined $17 million, making it the third-most expensive House race of 2012, according to data from Open Secrets. Most of that sum came from West’s team, which spent $13.7 million in the losing effort, third most among House candidates behind only to Michele Bachmann’s (R-MI) $19.3 million and House Speaker John Boehner’s $20 million.

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