IN – Orly v Election Commission – Motion to compel

Things are warming up in Orly’s Indiana case. She has or is going to file motions to compel appearances at trial although I am somewhat confused. What information does Arpaio and/or Zullo have about the defendant(s) in Indiana? As far as I can tell, President Obama is not a defendant. Well, time to bring out the popcorn and see where this is heading… 6 days until the ‘trial’ which will be not much different from Orly’s experience in Georgia I predict.

Orly mentions the:

Motion to compel appearance at trial. I need $350 to pay court fee in the Superior Court in AZ and I will need to do the same in Colorado with Sampson. I am angry that donations will have to go to compel them to appear at trial, aftert they raised reported 7 million and did nothing!!!

This motion by Plaintiff seeks to compel appearance of the Defendant Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, Joseph Arpaio and Investigator Sheriff Department Maricopa County, Arizona Mike Zullo on the scheduled hearing on the 22 October 2012 at 10am o’clock the Superior Court of Indiana, Indianapolis, Division 14, Honorable Judge Sherry K. Reid in the case No 49D14-1203-MI-012046 . Arpaio and Zullo are important witnesses in the abovementioned case since they possess valuable information about the identity of the Defendant in the abovementioned case.


Both Arpaio and Zullo were served with subpoenas to appear at the hearings in similar cases, but ultimately refused to appear claiming that it will be too burdensome for them, while they travelled extensively around the country promoting the subjrct matter of this case and raising money for the investigation of the case.

Plaintiff in the abovementioned case complied with all the applicable rules when issuing a subpoena and is willing to provide Arpaio and Zullo with the fee reimbursement which will relieve Mr. Arpaio and Mr. Zullo from any monetary burden.

Wherefore, Plaintiff seeks an order to compel Defendants Arpaio and Zullo to appear on the scheduled hearing in the case No49D14-1203-MI-012046 on the 22 day of October 2012, at 10 am Superior court division 14, Indianapolis Indiana .

And follows up with an e-mail

Sheriff, Sheriff, Mike, Joseph, bcc: me, bcc: Yulia

Dear, Sheriff Arpaio, Investigator Zullo, Counsel Vigil,

Please find attached Motion to compel your appearance at trial in Indianapolis on October 22, 10 am, Superior Court, Division 14, Judge Reid.

Please, advise me whether you decided to appear at trial. If not, whether you will appear at the emergency hearing in the Superior Court of AZ to compel your appearance at trial pursuant to the subpoena. This is an urgent matter, the trial is in 6 days and I will be seeking an expedited hearing