TX – Taitz v Sebelius – Notice of Meet and Confer

Not getting much traction. Just because Orly made assertions of criminal violations, does not make it so.


This is to advise the court that on 10.12. 2012 Plaintiff conducted a Meet and Confer with Mr. Scott Risner, Trial attorney for the Department of Justice and counsel for the defense.

Mr. Risner opposes Motion to Consolidate, #18 on the docket.

Additionally Plaintiff advised Mr. Risner that in her pleadings in this case she provided sworn affidavits that evidence a number of felonies being committed and she wanted to know if in accordance with 18USC§4 Misprision of Felony, Mr. Risner forwarded this information to the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice or whether he will forward this to the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. Mr. Risner stated that he did not forward this information to the Criminal division of the Department of Justice, but will consider doing this. Plaintiff inquired, when will he be doing this, Mr. Risner stated that at the moment he is concentrating on drafting a reply to her latest pleadings.

Respectfully submitted,

/s/ Dr. Orly Taitz, ESQ