IN – Orly v Election Committee – My thoughts

The Judge has set aside 2 hours to rule on the issues of declaratory relief & permanent injunction only, in an expedited manner. Of course, the defendants have untile October 19th to file their motions, which most likely will include a motion to dismiss. While the Judge may have scheduled a ‘trial’, it is likely that the Judge will accept the motion to dismiss and consider the issue of a trial to be moot.

Until then Orly will be lining up her so-called witnesses. What is particularly funny to me is that her witnesses will unlikely be heard as to the issues of declaratory relief and permanent injunction.

For example, there is no legal support for her claim that:

Based on all of the above, Obama does not have any valid identification papers, which are necessary to be a candidate on the ballot, running for the Presidency of the United States

Furthermore, she insist on a Vattel interpretation of the Natural Born Clause, which in Indiana was rejected by the Court in Ankeny v Daniels.

This is going to be so enjoyable…