AK – Lamb v Obama

From ‘Restoring Liberty’: Alaskan Files Suit Against Presidential Candidates, Cites Miller & Obama Senate Cases

Citing case law in both California and Alaska, Anchorage Resident Thomas A. Lamb has filed suit in the Superior Court of Alaska for access to private records for both President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Willard “Mitt” Romney.

Lamb believes that precedent created by a 2004 California case instigated by Obama insiders requiring Illinois US Senate candidate Jack Ryan’s divorce records to be made public, and a 2010 Alaska case requiring personnel files for Alaska US Senate Candidate Joe Miller to be released, constitute grounds for further public disclosure of private documents for both major party’s presidential candidates.

Given that the case involving Jack Ryan was about unsealing court records that were normally public and the case about Miller involved access to his government records, it will be an uphill battle to get access to documents which are protected by privacy laws.

HT: Bob at the Fogbow