KY – House v Obama – Dismissal

I thought that House had claimed that he had withdrawn his case? Now OBC ‘reports‘ that a Judge has ruled against House

A Franklin County judge has dismissed a lawsuit seeking to have President Barack Obama removed from the ballot in Kentucky.

In dismissing the suit, Circuit Judge Thomas Wingate ruled that Congress, and not he, is empowered under the U.S. Constitution to rule whether Obama is a “natural born citizen,” which is required of people elected president.

“This court trusts that the members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives are qualified to adjudicate any objections regarding an allegedly unqualified candidate,” Wingate wrote in the two-page ruling.

I see

Jaret Hill, a lawyer hired to represent House after the suit was filed, also asked that the case be dismissed because, he said, the case should have been filed in federal court.

Hill said House has not asked him to refile the case in U.S. District Court but couldn’t rule out that possibility.

Wrong Court and no chance that it will do better in Federal Court. Let’s see if House will practice what he preached.