AK – Epperly v Obama – Motion for reconsideration denied – Case Closed

Good riddance…

10/02/2012 31 TMB ORDER: Although the normal practice of the court would be to have sent the order of dismissal to Mr. Epperly when it was issued, because Mr. Epperly says in a letter [Doc. 30] that he did not receive a copy of the order from the court, the order of dismissal at docket 24 will be re-sent to Mr. Epperly. (RMC, COURT STAFF) (Entered: 10/02/2012)

10/02/2012 32 ORDER denying 28 reconsideration of the dismissal of this action is denied; case is closed. Signed by Judge Timothy M. Burgess on 10/1/12. (RMC, COURT STAFF) (Entered: 10/02/2012)