KS – Taitz v SOS – Barnett

Pamela Barnett

Taitz looks on to a Kansas Obama ballot hearing next Wednesday as it may be the last hearing before the election. She needs Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo to attend the hearing for her motion for prelimary injunction to keep Obama off the ballot. To have a real chance of success she needs them there and asks that all supporters to contact Arpaio and Zullo and tell them they need to attend to support their affidavits in court to help sway the judge. Taitz also needs all of the other witnesses to appear such as John Sampson, Susan Daniels, Chris Strunk, and Linda Jordan to appear. She says that she will need a lot of donations to help in this possibly last push for justice before the election.
ROTFL… Even with all these witnesses, the hearing is unlikely to involve them… But by all means, please pay for all their tickets and accommodations.