IN – Orly v Election Commission – SOS motion to reconsider PHV

Realist announces

2012-09-xx – IN – Exhibit 1 IN Certification of Candidate to be on Ballot

2012-09-20 – IN – SoS Motion to Reconsider PHV Admission

2012-09-21 – IN – Black Response to SoS Motion to Reconsider PHV Admission

The SOS motion indicates some of the failings on the part of Orly and asks the Court to reconsider allowing her admission as Pro Hac Vice.

The response by Black is what caught my eye:

State should deal more with the Connecticut social security number & affidavit from Hawaii official that no birth record exists at any Honolulu hospital on 4 August ’61 of a Barack Obama or other name used for our President. It cannot be that difficult to locate the birth of a non-Polynesian born three years or so after statehood on a date certain. Yet that appears the case, and the U.S. Constitution says what it says. THUS, plaintiffs ask Court to stand behind its ruling allowing pro hac vice status for Dr. Orly Taitz, Esquire, of the California Bar.

Where does she find these people?…