IN – Orly v Election Commission – GreatGrey reports on hearing


Judge Reid came in at 1:34pm. My initial impression was “oh lordy!” Reid relishes being the judge. Down in Jackson, Wingagte told everyone to take a seat just as soon as he entered the room. Reid on the other hand takes her place and takes in the scene, I almost expected a Sally Field “you really like me” moment. After about 20 seconds she finally asked us to sit.

Reid gave the gaggle the rules of the room, no electronics on and no cameras. (just before she entered a Lenaroid was taking pics and the bailiff had a foul look on his face. Bailiff went back to chambers, I’m sure he let Reid know what was going on.)

Two issues: PHV and the Prelim Injunction. Said the trial rules would apply and she expected everyone to know what those were.

Began with Orly. OT dived immediately into why Obama should be removed from the Indiana ballot. Mentioned the Connecticut SSN and forged BC. Claimed his real name was Soebarka and he was a citizen of Indonesia.

Kate Shelby objected, said we should deal with PHV first before we let Orly ramble on. Judge Reid agreed.

So, Orly said you (Reid) gave me PHV earlier, they want you to reverse yourself.

Reid: I know this, so?

OT: I wasn’t served, I was in Mississippi, I got no notice, or 1 day notice, on the state challenging my PHV, that’s not fair. AG Garn is just being mean to me. I have PHV in the Indiana Supreme Court, that should flow down to this dinky court. Even without PHV I should be allowed to present evidence. Garn is protecting the President, he (Garn) isn’t doing his job by prosecuting Obama. I spent lotsa money to get here.

Reid: Hold on sister, you can’t make allegations like that about defense counsel in here. Mr Black, did you get the State’s challenge?

Black: Well, yea I did. It came in on a fax and I don’t remember what night it was (Maker’s Mark Amnesia)

Reid then instructed Orly on what the purpose of Local Counsel was all about, serving him was equal to serving Orly.

Kate Shelby then presented the states reasons for requesting denial. She pretty much just powerpointed the objection document. Then read off a list of documents etc improperly filed by OT.

Then a surprise. Kate told that Orly had improperly contacted the defense counsel, which are now also defendants, both thru phone calls and email.

Orly: But, but…

Reid: STOP Ms. Taitz

Kate: more violations of IN law regarding improper contact. Plaintiff’s have bugged us incessantly.

Orly: “She’s lying, that’s total distortion….

Reid: STOP. I won’t hear that defamation of opposition counsel. Cites Rule 11

Orly: admits she sent emails, but says it wasn’t in her role as plaintiff in current case, she was being nice and letting Defendants know she was gonna file another case re: the general election, because the Election’s Commission wasn’t answering her anymore. Then went on again about how she never got the state’s objection, Reid reminded her again that Black got it.

Orly: Well I should have been given 21 days to respond.

Reid: No, you don’t get 21 days. “You’re not very well versed in the law.” Sometimes you just get 15, sometimes less.

Orly: I’d like to move on to next issue…

Reid: No, we’re dealing with PHV

Orly: something about how it was Black’s fault, I should be given time…

Reid: STOP

Reid then ruled against the State’s opposition with the admonishment that Orly and Black be in 100% compliance with the rules from now on.  Any deviation would result in revocation. Lecture time to Orly: you aren’t a very good attorney, you don’t comply with the rules, and you disrespect Indiana. Lecture to Black: You have responsibilities as sponsor, you haven’t met them. From 2pm today I will not tolerate any mistakes.

And that was PHV.