MS – Orly v Democrat Party – Let the denial begin

The Obama Ballot Challenge website ‘reports’ that:

Federal Judge Henry Wingate did not dismiss the Mississippi Obama ballot challenge filed by Dr. Orly Taitz, Esq. and a state citizen at this mornings hearing in Jackson. Judge Wingate also temporarily denied accepting the Obama (forged) birth certificate as judicial notice, stating that he also had seen Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s evidence of all of the Obama alleged document forgeries.

Taitz conveyed to that Obama legal representative was wining [whining?] that Taitz was defaming their president. Taitz had responded that she is only supporting factual information supported by a country sheriff. They also lied to the judge at the hearing regarding asking for judicial notice after Taitz had requested sanctions against them for knowingly submitting a forgery.

OBC: Mississippi Obama Ballot Challenge Moves Ahead for Now, Not Dismissed

Some comments. While it is true that the Judge has not yet dismissed the case, he has given Orly 3 weeks to perfect service, file her RICO statement, while also advising her of the possible sanctions. Of course, Judge Wingate has no reason to accept any judicial notice as Orly has yet to properly service the defendants.

Orly showed herself to be quite clueless but I doubt that her minions will be told.


Sterngard Friegen explains:

She didn’t catch him lying. He said Taitz sought sanctions for seeking judicial notice of the LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE she herself had attached to her papers. Tepper and Begley’s client sought judicial notice of STATEMENTS MADE BY THE HAWAII DOH relating to the long form. There is a difference between the two but Taitz can’t figure it out. Which is why she’s TWLITHOTU.