MS – Update

Update: Fogbow reports that a transcript of the hearing has been ordered for the reader’s pleasure. Those who want to contribute, please donate at the Transcripts are notoriously expensive but this one may be worth every penny.

Latest from Sterngard:

I hear that Taitxz got her clock cleaned today. She lost her motion to remand. Her motion to stay was moot. She has to file oppositions to the motions for judgment on the pleadings AND a RICO statement within 3 weeks (her time frame). When she asked that defendants’ time to reply be shortened the judge declined since she was helping herself to 3 weeks. And at the end 28 USC sec. 1927 (the sanctions section of the federal law) was explained to her

Hot from the presses:

Orly’s motion to remand denied

Orly smacked down by Judge and Defense Lawyers

Judge warned about sanctions.

More when details become available.