GA – Judy/Weldon v Obama – GA Scotus…

Obama Ballot Challenge reports:
Tomorrow, September 24, the Supreme Court will hold conferences on the first two Obama state ballot eligibility cases that have undeniable standing. If the Supreme Court does not do the right thing and hear the cases on the merits then we pretty much will get a feel if the Supreme Court will continue with their tyranny to allow an ineligible fraudster to continue to destroy the country. The two cases are Judy v. Obama and Weldon v. Obama and they both originated from Georgia. Georgia by the way received permission to build two nuke plants a few days after the decision to allow Obama on the ballot despite proof of birth certificate forgery. See the SCOTUS docket below.
It seems to me that they have already accepted that the Supreme Court will deny to hear the case. Always looking for excuses… Poor souls.
Since a waiver was filed on Jul 25 2012 (Waiver of right of respondent Barack H. Obama, President of the United States to respond filed) and the Court has not requested such a waiver, the outcome is certain: Cert denied.