CA – Judd v Obama – Ex Parte Motion

Orly is trying to endear the court to her foolish beliefs:

Additionally, both candidates, who proceeded into the top 2 general election: Senator Feinstein and the Republican Candidate Emken   were served with the complaint on July 10, when the complaint was originally filed in the state court. They did not respond yet and chose to ignore the complaint believing that no judge will have the strength of character to stay the Senatorial election and that every judge will do what is usually done in elections fraud cases: find some lame excuse to dismiss the complaint. As Senator Feinstein has a much higher number of votes than Emken, the only defendant, who can be affected by the Ex-Parte is Emken, and she had over 2 months notice already and cannot claim detriment by ex-parte.

First of all, there is significant reason to believe that Orly failed to properly perfect service. Until service is perfected, the parties have no legal responsibility to respond.

Orly is losing touch with reality in every motion right now… Poor Orly. Someone please help her. And no, one can not file an ex parte motion to perfect service…