FL – Terry Trussell – Struggling with the reality

At “Patriots for America” (sic), the comments show a significant confusion about what happened and why the magic incantations failed. Some have contacted the Dixie County Board of Commissioners, others are struggling to interpret how the judge could have ruled Trussell’s presence in the court as a “failure to appear”, even though the audio clearly shows that the Judge questioned Trussell who avoided answering the question in the affirmative.

This is good – I think. I hope this Dixie County board does something to step in here and stop this political terrorism.
A question that comes to my mind is that if the judge claims that Terry George Trussell (the subservient slave under this justice system) was NOT in court and thus “failed to appear”,,,,how could they walk six feet across the court room and arrest the MAN Terry Trussell,,, the one who “Failed to Appear”?


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The Myth of the Fringed Flag

A persistent, but meritless myth amongst many Sovereign Citizens is that the ‘fringed’ flag in the court rooms indicates that the court is under Admiralty jurisdiction.

The American Legion explains

Fringing of the flag is neither approved of nor prohibited by the Flag Code. The American Legion considers that fringe is used as an honorable enrichment to the Flag. Additionally the courts have deemed without merit and frivolous, lawsuits that contend that the gold fringe adorning the flag conferred Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction.

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WA – Stevens County Superior Court – Rejects arguments

Jimmy Clark did his best but the court was not impressed

The swearing in is important, not the filing…

Accepts the Stephenson case. Writ of prohibition denied.

Clark failed to take into consideration the clear rulings on this issue.

@39:45 – The Judge points out how the de-facto and de-jure officer case law have been recently developed to apply.

Clark: You cannot become a de-jure officer after the fact

Judge: Are you rejecting the case law?

Clark: Ignoring the question… “The law is clear”… Well, the law is not that clear to Clark perhaps?

Clark is still arguing what he wants the law to be, not what it really is. And the Judge understands.

Colorado – Delta County – No funding for ‘common law’ grand jury

Twenty members of a local group that advocates formation of a “common law grand jury” in Delta County asked the county commissioners for funding on Monday, but they did not receive any support. County commission chair Bruce Hovde told the group, “The county is not in a (financial) position to do any funding.”

Besides declining to provide funding or other support, commissioners expressed issues with all key points of the group’s program.

Commissioner Doug Atchley stated his view, based on the U.S. Constitution, that American government has three branches,  not four.

The group had previously given commissioners information on their program, and Atchley noted that the grand juries in use today do not have authority to determine guilt or innocence, as in his view the common law grand jury apparently would.

“I am not inclined to give you space in the courthouse, not inclined to give you funding, and I am not inclined to recognize you, “Atchley said.

Hovde said, “I concur with Commissioner Atchley. There are (legal) procedures already in place to call a grand jury.

“The county is not in a position, by my call, to fund you or provide space. I do not recognize you as having the authority to be a grand jury.”

In spite of disagreements, the discussion, if pointed, was amiable.

“I commend you for coming,” Hovde said. “I appreciate your concerns. But we follow the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and also the law. We have obligations under the law that we must follow.”

Source: Delta County Independent

The Constitution prevailed once again.

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Hoyt on Trussell

Hoyt reports on Trussell.

Hoyt wonders about this ‘injustice’ but fails to understand that Trussell was trying to play sovcit games and the Judge was not going to have anything to do with it.

He wants to know ‘why’ and the answer is simple…

Listen here, and hear how prayers did not really work.

Why can they not talk to you like you are a human being? Because they do not want to engage in Terry’s sovereign citizen nonsense.

As Mimi pointed out, Terry was playing games

The judge asks if Terry Tussell is in the courtroom. Trussell stands and sez ‘i am here to speak to that matter’. Judge asks ‘are you terry trussell’.  Trussell sez ‘i am a living, breathing, natural man’ or other majik words that didn’t seem to work on the judge?

Thanks to Hoyt recording the audio in court even though he had been told that he could not do so… @5:40

In the rest of the Hoyt recording you can hear more about the Sovcit myths. They were not calling the man, they were calling the legal fiction. ROTFL… And so the Sovcit myth goes on and Terry continues to wonder why his magic words do not work. The upper case Terry was not there, the proper man of God was there… So cute…

The BAR is an English scheme…